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Ongoing Support

Once you have become part of Reiki Pathway you will have available to you the level of help, guidance, support or information you require at any stage of your development with Reiki Energy. 

 We run regular
Reiki Energy Development Evenings, 
and Reiki Personal Development one-to-one sessions.


How is Reiki relevant to Personal Development?

Reiki is rooted in personal development.
The connection between mind and body is central to Reiki … it is the flow of energy to and from the universe and our physical
body which is the communication that brings about enlightenment.

In connecting to Reiki you gain access to deeper levels of awareness. This enriches not only yourself but leads to you developing a profound awareness
of others.

Whether you are new to Reiki or are already on the path one thing is sure ...
for you to have an optimal and ever deepening relationship with yourself and
Reiki any training is best done in a way that addresses your own personal journey.

To that end our Reiki Courses always combine one to one sessions for specific
tailored support, and practical sessions with others to provide a nurturing space
for you to experience the various energies and how they affect you.

We run practical sessions weekly, so as soon as you wish to start your training you will be able to slot in within a week for your first one to one session (which is for 3 hours).

Our Reiki Level One course is £135 and includes:  one to one development sessions, the practicals, the comprehensive reference manual and additional support materials and of course your Attunement.

Please call for information/bookings, or a chat about training courses or treatment sessions Derby: 01332 756583 or Email

We include extra modules in our Courses that help our students to go forward with confidence in working with Reiki energy.

These modules are designed in an integrated way. It makes it easier for you to internalise them.This means that from the start you will feel a deep understanding  of the potential of Reiki and your ability to channel it.


Reiki Personal Development Sessions:

A Deeper Personal Relationship with Reiki £35 (one to one 2 hour session)
Reiki is rooted in our personal spiritual core, our essence- being stuck/confused is a state that precedes greater clarity. At the stuck point we have the opportunity to break through. Usually a shift occurs when we are confused - the confusion/overwhelm causes us to shift to a higher level, or, what usually happens, we create an involved way to suppress it.

Please ring or email to book a one to one session of 2 hours to clear the way
for a breakthrough:

Caroline 01332 756583  or Email:


Reiki Master - Reiki Master/Teacher

If you are ready for the Master or Master/Teacher Level please telephone
or email for information on pre-requisites and training schedule(s).
Please feel free to telephone if you would like to have a chat about these
levels and what they entail or if you would simply like to discuss whether
now is the right time for you.     Caroline 01332 756583.

             EMAIL Caroline:

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